An anguissette is a mortal chosen by Kushiel to set a balance back in the world. They are marked by Kushiel with a red mote in their eye, referred to as a wound unhealed. They are essentially extreme masochists, finding pleasure in pain. Their function as Kushiel's chosen is to restore balance to the world in some way. They have the benefit of healing quickly. A D'Angeline who kills an anguissette will be tormented in hell for a thousand years. However, if the killer is a scion of Kushiel, he will be tormented for ten thousand years.

The poem Mighty Kushiel of rod and weal/Late of the brazen portals/With blood-tipped dart, a wound unhealed/Pricks the eyes of chosen mortals refers to Kushiel marking anguissettes.

At the time of the events of Kushiel's Dart there had been no anguissette in living memory. However, the marquist Master Tielhard--who designed Phedre's and Alcuin's marques--said that his grandfather warned him about anguissettes, so perhaps he had known one.

Known anguissettesEdit

Mara- the daughter of Naamah and a murderer, handmaid of Kushiel, believed to be the first anguissette

Iriel de Fiscarde- Last anguissette before Phedre. She married a Kusheline Duc to prevent a civil war in Terre d'Ange.

Phedre no Delaunay de Montreve- protaganist of the first trilogy.

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