Bhodistan is the equivalent of India. It is here that Naamah slept with strangers so that Elua could eat. Adepts from Jasmine House, praised for their exoticism, are said to have some Bhodistani blood. The Tsingani are also said to be from Bhodistan. While a slave in Darsanga, Phedre met some Bhodistani women who were also slaves of the Mahrkagir.

Bhodistan is not a prominent feature in the events of the novels of Kushiel's Legacy, however Moirin travels there in Naamah's Curse. There, we learn that Bodhistani people are divided into various castes and sub-castes based on purity. Those with no caste are reviled and live on the outskirts of society practicing the most unwanted of tasks.

Bodhistani people practice a form of mysticism called Mudras; special hand gestures associated with their many gods that are believed to bring their presence to the world.

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