Bryony House is one of the thirteen houses of the Night Court.

Its canon is wealth, and Bryony adepts are trained in all forms of gambling and they are famed for never losing bets, even to Tsingani. It is the wealthiest of the thirteen houses. It is also the only house where adepts will wager for their favors. Adepts learn how to manage money and some go on to work in the Royal Treasury after making their marques. They believe that Naamah made a good bargain of it when she slept with the King of Persis.[2]

General Information Edit

Hyacinthe's father was a Bryony patron. His mother's cousin, Csavin, wagered her virginity in a bet with a Bryony adept. He lost the bet and Anasztaizia was handed over to a Bryony patron who paid to seduce a Tsingano virgin. Because she lost her virtue and slept with an outsider, Anasztaizia was cast out from her family. When Phedre heard this, she was horrified and felt Bryony House should've been charged with heresy.

Imriel and Mavros Shahrizai visit the house in Kushiel's Justice. They make a wager against the Dowayne, Janelle no Bryony, for a pair of tokens to the Longest Night at Cereus House. The first rule of Bryony's patrons is to never bet against its Dowayne.

The house is three stories high and has a carnival atmosphere. The reception hall is modeled after the hall of games in the palace. All kinds of games are played, including dice, cards and rhythmomachy. Its treasury is rumored to be more secure than the Royal Treasury.

Characters Associated with Bryony House Edit

Janelle nó Bryony
Dowayne when Imriel and Mavros visit.


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