Camellia House is one of the thirteen houses of the Night Court.

There is no canon other than perfection. Adepts may vary in coloring, but they must be flawless. They believe that when Naamah slept with the King of Persis, her perfection unveiled left him blind for a fortnight.[2]

General Information Edit

In Kushiel's Dart, after Phedre and Alcuin have been dedicated as Servants of Naamah, Delaunay arranges a Showing for them at Camellia House. Phedre observes that they are even stricter about etiquette than Cereus House is. Once the Showing beings, she comments that both adepts fit their house's canon of perfection.

When speculating with Imriel about what house Sidonie chose for her first assignation, Mavros mentions that she might not have chosen Camellia because her half Cruithne heritage makes her less than perfect in their eyes.

Characters Associated with Camellia House Edit

Edmonde Noualt
Dowayne when Phedre and Alcuin come for their Showing.


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  2. Kushiel's Dart, "Chapter 2" — at Camellia, that her perfection unveiled left him blind for a fortnight, which led him to betray her out of uncomprehending fear.
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