Childric d'Essoms

First Appearance

Kushiel's Dart, Chapter 12




House L'Envers

Hair Color


Eye Color


Childric d'Essoms is the D'Angeline lord who paid four and a half thousand ducats to be Phedre no Delaunay de Montreve's first assignation. He is described as having sly, hooded eyes and tightly braided hair, drawn back away from his face. During Cecilie's fete on the even of Alcuin's debut, Phedre remarked the sharp accuracy with which he played the kottabos game; a symbol of his later, deadly precision in torture and sadism.

As part of her assignations, Childric pretended to torture or beat Phedre for information on Anafiel Delaunay de Montreve. Eventually, she let him go too far and he burnt her with a red-hot poker. In his panic, he accidently let slip the name of his patron, Barquiel L'Envers.

By the events of Kushiel's Justice, Childric has become the ambassador to Ephesium and there is animosity between him and Barquiel.