Dahlia House is one of the thirteen houses of the Night Court. Its canon is dignity, and Dahlia adepts are known to be haughty, reserved and dignified, keeping with the canon of their house. They say that Naamah bestowed herself like a queen when she slept with the King of Persis.

General Information Edit

Dahlia challenges the sovereignty of Cereus House with gold costumes at the Midwinter Masque when Phedre is ten.

When Mavros and Imriel speculate about which house Sidonie went to for her first assignation, Mavros rules out Dahlia because Sidonie's haughty enough as it is.

Characters Associated with Dahlia House Edit

Juliette- Girl Phedre knew in Cereus who had her marque bought by Dahlia

Dahlia Marque by elegaer

Dahlia marque by elegaer[1]

Court of Night-Blooming Flowers
Alyssum Balm Bryony Camellia Cereus Dahlia Eglantine
Gentian Heliotrope Jasmine Mandrake Orchis Valerian

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