Eglantine House is one of the thirteen houses of the Night Court. Its canon is creativity and its motto is To Create is to Live.

Eglantine is the house of performance and creativity. Its adepts are all trained to the arts, such as writing, singing, dancing, music, acting or sewing. There is a streak of "madcap genius" in the house and children are encouraged to behave in ways that would be frowned upon in other houses. They say that Naamah charmed the King of Persis with the sweetness of her song.

General Information Edit

At the Midwinter Masque, Eglantine adepts appear dressed as a band of Tsingani.

Shortly after Joscelin enters Delaunay's service, he is taunted by Eglantine adepts while Phedre visits Hyacinthe.

Eglantine Marque by elegaer

eglantine marque by elegaer[1]

When Phedre needs a costume for the Midwinter Masque, Cecilie Laveau-Perrin recommends Favrielle no Eglantine to her. Favrielle is a couturier who was pushed before her debut, giving her a scar on her lip and rendering her unfit for Naamah's Service. She is forced to earn her marque by taking clothing commissions. Phedre feels sympathy despite Favrielle's caustic attitude toward her and pays her marque.

Eglantine adepts frequently perform at parties and fetes throughout the series. Adepts are allowed to design their own outfits for their debuts. The house itself is repository of obscure lore and learning- Phedre speculates that some of it is unknown outside the house.

Eglantine livery is white and green.

Characters Associated with Eglantine House Edit

Favrielle no Eglantine- couturier rendered unfit to serve Naamah after being pushed in the bath, Phedre pays her marque, later she sets up her own shop.

Livia- Favrille's apprentice.

Moirethe Lereux- Dowayne when Phedre pays Favrielle's marque.

Anselme- apprentice present when Phedre meets with the Dowayne.

Roussillon nó Eglantine- adept Phedre meets while at a fitting with Favrielle.

Japheth nó Eglantine-Vardennes- playwright, author of The Passion of Naamah.

Simon nó Eglantine- adept Imriel meets on the Longest Night.

Dorian nó Eglantine- adept who traveled in Skaldia and published an illustrated book of Skaldi myths.

In Moirin's TrilogyEdit

Antoine nó Eglantine- Second during Naamah's Blessing

Court of Night-Blooming Flowers
Alyssum Balm Bryony Camellia Cereus Dahlia Eglantine
Gentian Heliotrope Jasmine Mandrake Orchis Valerian

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