The Feast of the Dead is a holiday in Alba held in the late fall. It is believed the divide between the living and the dead was thinnest in the fall. After fasting during the day, at sunset celebrants form a procession through paths in the taisgaidh woods and give an offering of food and uisghe to the dead. The celebrants may see the spirits of dead family members or loved ones.

In the past, Dorelei mab Breiadaia saw a vision of her aunt Moiread who had died in the battle fighting to restore Drustan mab Necthana as cruarch of Alba. Dorelei believed it meant Moiread was happy, died well, and had been avenged. Urist mab Wrada had seen his brother, who he himself had killed in battle as his brother fought for Maelcon the Usurper. Urist believed the vision of his brother was meant to mean that his brother understood what Urist had killed him.

During Imriel de la Courcel's time in Alba, on the Feast of the Dead, he saw a vision of his father Benedicte.

After the procession, celebrants break their fast with a large feast and celebration. In Bryn Gorrydum, the celebrations can get wild.

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