Gentian House is one of the thirteen houses of the Night Court.

Its canon is mysticism and, and Gentian adepts are similar to Balm adepts in that they are trained in the healing arts, such as massage. However Gentian adepts learn types of mysticism as well, such as dream interpretation. They believe that when Naamah slept with the King of Persis, she was filled with a mystic purity of spirit.[2]

General Information Edit

At Phedre's first Midwinter Masque, Gentian adepts come as masked seers with opium censers.

Phedre visits Gentian House in order to better understand her troubled dreams in Kushiel's Chosen. She has an assignation with an adept named Raphael Murain no Gentian. They lie in bed together after making love and Phedre has another nightmare. She tells it to Raphael upon waking and he gives her his interpretation of it. She chooses to stay the rest of the night with him and his soothing presence helps her sleep peacefully.

If Phedre's is any indication, assignations at Gentian may involve a bath and a light meal followed by a massage with calming music and an opium brazier in the background. Patrons may stay the night so that adepts may interpret their dreams. Adepts are sworn to not reveal what they see in the dreams to anyone.

It is common for Gentian adepts to join Elua or Naamah's priesthood after making their marques. Brother Louvel, a priest of Elua, was a Gentian adept. By Kushiel's Justice, Raphael has become a priest of Naamah.

Gentian's marque is known to contain Gentian flowers and a full moon.

Characters Associated with Gentian House Edit

Brother Louvel
Priest who instructs Phedre and the other fosterlings of Cereus House on religion, former Gentian adept.
Raphael Murain no Gentian
Adept who helps Phedre interpret her nightmares, later becomes a priest of Naamah.


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  2. Kushiel's Dart, "Chapter 2" — According to Brother Louvel, Naamah was filled with a mystic purity of spirit when she went to the King of Persis, and when she lay down with strangers in the market. But that is what they say at Gentian House, and not at Alyssum,
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