We do not choose our debts, but indebted we are, both of us, to Anafiel Delaunay. Do not seek to betray him, Your debt may be discharged one day, but mine is unto the death, Phèdre.
Guy, Kushiel's Dart, "Chapter 11"

Guy was Anafiel Delaunay de Montreve retainer during Kushiel's Dart.[1]

Early LifeEdit

Guy was in training to become a Cassiline Brother, but he was cast out for breaking his vow of chastity and fell into a life of crime. He was hired by Isabel L'Envers to kill Delaunay, but Delaunay convinced Guy to work for him instead. For this, Guy feels bound to Delaunay.

In Kushiel's DartEdit

Guy accompanied Phedre no Delaunay de Montreve and Alcuin no Delaunay on their assignations. He also followed Phedre on her visits to Hyacinthe.


  1. Kushiel's Dart, "Chapter 8" — A man who spoke softly and seldom, Guy served Delaunay with intense loyalty and efficiency in a variety of unnamed capacities.