Heliotrope House is one of the thirteen houses of the Night Court.

Its canon is devotion, and Heliotrope adepts are skilled at creating the illusion of unwavering devotion and loyalty to their patrons. Adepts are said to have the ability to make each patron feel like they are the only one to touch their hearts. Their belief is that Naamah basked in love as if in the sun.

General Information Edit

Mavros thinks that Sidonie chose Heliotrope for her first assignation because, as a princess, she favors devotion and loyalty.

Heliotrope House appears to be the house of the Night Court most akin to real life courtesans, who frequently created an illusion of love for patrons who were trapped in loveless marriages.

Characters Associated with Heliotrope House Edit

No character associated with Heliotrope has appeared in the series.

Heliotrope Marque by elegaer

Heliotrope marque by elegaer[1]

Court of Night-Blooming Flowers
Alyssum Balm Bryony Camellia Cereus Dahlia Eglantine
Gentian Heliotrope Jasmine Mandrake Orchis Valerian

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