House d'Aiglemort is the ruling house of the province of Camlach. Its arms is a silver eagle on black.

General Information Edit

Aiglemort is a Camaeline house and as a result, its members are gifted warriors. They frequently spend time on the border, fighting back the Skaldi. Contrary to the common stereotype of Camaelines, members of House Aiglemort do not only think with their swords. Isidore, who was fostered with the Shahrizai, is proof of this. Members of the house are also characterized by silver hair and dark eyes. It is for his silver hair that the Skaldi gave Isidore his nickname of Kilberhaar.

Maslin d'Aiglemort is the Duc d'Aiglemort at the beginning of the series. He and Isidore fight together on the border. After Maslin is fatally wounded, Isidore becomes Duc d'Aiglemort. After his death, Queen Ysandre gives the duchy of Aiglemort to the Unforgiven. Because of this, and because he was unacknowledged, Maslin de Lombelon has no claim to Aiglemort.

Members Edit

Maslin d'Aiglemort- Isidore's father, dies of a wound gone septic.

Isidore d'Aiglemort- Duc after his father's death. He gets involved with Melisande Shahrizai's plots and betrays Terre d'Ange to the Skaldi, letting them in though the passes of Camlach. After realizing that Melisande had double-crossed him, Isidore chooses to fight against her and dies a hero's death, killing Waldemar Selig.

Maslin de Lombelon- Isidore's bastard son with a gardener's daughter, Anne Livet. Maslin was born after Isidore's death, so he was never acknowledged by his father. He inherits his father's silver hair and skill with a sword.

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