Jasmine House is one of the thirteen houses of the Night Court.

Jasmine House cultivates an atmosphere of sensuality, pleasure and exoticism. As such, the house has a specific physical canon- dusky skin and dark hair is required. Ivory skin is too pale for their canon. Adepts are renowned for their stamina. They believe that Naamah slept with the King of Persis for pleasure.

General Information Edit

Phedre's mother, Liliane de Souverain, was an adept of Jasmine House. She made her marque by age nineteen and chose to elope with Phedre's father, though the match was not sanctioned by the Dowayne. Even so, Liliane was welcomed back to the house after Phedre's birth. Unfortunately, it soon became clear that Phedre did not fit the canon of Jasmine House.

Jasmine Marque by elegaer

Jasmine marque by elegaer[1]

Jasmine went with a harem theme for the Midwinter Masque, causing conflict with Valerian House, who had chosen the same theme. During the masque, the Second danced wearing nothing but a few gauzy veils.

The Carthaginians go to Jasmine during their visit in Kushiel's Mercy. Imriel enlists the aid of a Jasmine adept to help him get information on his mother's whereabouts out of one of them.

The reception hall has thick Akkadian carpets, large cushions and semiprivate niches.

It is rumored that there is Bhodistani blood in Jasmine House.

Characters Associated with Jasmine House Edit

Liliane de Souverain- Phedre's mother.

Jehan- Dowayne during Liliane's time.

Yolande Caradas- Dowayne during Kushiel's Mercy.

Marielle- Adept who assists Imriel with the Carthaginians.

Alain- Adept Imriel meets at the Midwinter Masque.

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