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Joscelin Verreuil


D'Angeline (Siovalese)

Hair Color


Eye Color



Ges Verreuil


Millard Verreuil


Luc Verreuil, Mahieu Verreuil


Jehane Verreuil, Honore Verreuil, 1 other sister


Phèdre nó Delaunay de Montrève

Foster Son

Imriel de la Courcel

Other Family

Several nieces & nephews


House Verreuil, Cassiline Brotherhood, Delaunay Household, House Montrève

First Appearance

Kushiel's Dart Chapter 27

Cassiel's child, do not rush. You have stood at the crossroads and chosen, and like Cassiel, you will ever stand at the crossroads and choose, choose again and again, the path of the Companion.
Priest of Elua, Kushiel's Dart, "Chapter 94"

Joscelin Verreuil is a major character of the Kushiel's Legacy series. He is a member of the Cassiline Brotherhood and is the consort of Phedre no Delaunay. He has two brothers, Luc and Mahieu, as well as three sisters. He is from Siovale.


Joscelin is extremely good looking. Phedre claims that he is beautiful enough to be an adept of Cereus House. His hair is golden blond,usually tied back in a club, and his eyes are a bright blue. He is tall and well-built, with the features of a provincial noble. He typically wears his grey Cassiline uniform, even after he is declared anathema. He is always seen with his daggers, vambraces and sword.


Joscelin appears in all six books.

Early LifeEdit

Joscelin was the middle son of Chevalier Millard Verreuil and his wife, Lady Ges. Because the Verreuils were a very traditional family, Joscelin grew up knowing he would be sent to the Cassiline Brotherhood at age ten. From the time he joined the Brotherhood, he was no longer permitted to see his family. He received the rigorous training of a Cassiline Brother for ten years before being assigned to his first wards at age twenty.

In Kushiel's DartEdit

Delaunay's HouseholdEdit

After Guy's death, Delaunay requested a Cassiline Brother be assigned to his household. Joscelin was the one who was chosen. He was extremely displeased about this assignment, thinking it some kind of punishment. He tried to leave Delaunay's service after he allowed Childric d'Essoms to prick Phedre's throat with a dagger. Delaunay refused his request and Joscelin remained assigned to his household.

Joscelin went along with Phedre on her assignations to protect her, but made his disgust over what she did extremely clear. He accompanied her to her final appointment with the marquist. While they were there, a messenger from Quintilius Rousse arrived to give them a message and warn them Delaunay's house was being watched. They raced back home, but they were too late. They found Delaunay and the entire household dead. Alcuin hung on just long enough to tell them that Delaunay was Ysandre's oathsworn protector.

Phedre and Joscelin rushed to the palace, where they sought an audience with Ysandre. When that failed, they sought out Thelesis de Mornay, but were turned away. They had the misfortunate to run into Melisande, who took them to her rooms and drugged them. She proceeded to rape and torture Phedre for information. After that, she gave both of them, still drugged, to Isidore d'Aiglemort who sold them into slavery among the Skaldi.

Slavery in SkaldiaEdit

In Kushiel's ChosenEdit

Joscelin is housed with Phedre as her unofficial Consort, as the two of them at last are free to give way to their newfound love for one another, following the events of Kushiel's Dart. Unfortunately for Joscelin, Phedre announces her return to Naamah's service after receiving her sangoire cloak which was sent to her by Melisande Shahrizai. This sends Joscelin spiraling into conflict as he does not wish to remain Phedre's lover while she ventures out on assignations, but nor does he wish to leave her service. In the end, he swears to protect and serve, in the Cassiline fashion, declaring that it is the one vow which he has yet to break and would keep it until death itself.

There is an obvious depression and agony about Joscelin's character for most of the novel, as the events unfold and they travel from Terre d'Ange to La Serenissima. The worst occurs when Phedre befriends and unwittingly ensnares a Serenissiman noble, Severio Stregazza, who at one point even requests Phedre's hand in marriage. Phedre declines his offer, and on the same night, seduces Joscelin into a final passionate encounter. Immediately afterward, Joscelin departs from Phedre's company, stating that not only is he not needed, while she dallies around La Serenissima with her three sailors for protection (Phedre's Boys), but that she seduced him into breaking yet another vow.

His departure at this time ironically is both good and bad. The next day, Phedre is caught out in her search for Melisande, by Melisande herself, and the traitor Benedicte de la Courcel whom she has secretly wed. Melisande and Benedicte slay two of Phedre's Boys, and throw Phedre into the island prison of La Dolorosa. Phedre remarks more than once that if Joscelin had not left and had been with them, perhaps they might have survived, all of them - or perhaps he too, would have been slain.

It is many, many months later that Joscelin is reunited with Phedre, having thought her dead for all of that time. After his failed rescue at La Dolorosa, he remained ensconced in the Yeshuite's quarter of La Serenissima, where he knew he would be safely hidden from Melisande and her traitorous forces. Upon seeing Phedre alive, Joscelin's character is forever changed; he reiterates his undying love for her, and promises never to leave her side again. Indeed, when they make love that same night, Phedre speaks of something having 'loosened' in Joscelin, and from that point on, it is clear that he has become certain, more than ever, of his love for Phedre.

At the end of the novel, Joscelin is finally declared as Phedre's official Consort - this is as much as they might do to proclaim their status as a couple, as they cannot wed without violating Joscelin's remaining vow. It is enough for the two of them.

In Kushiel's AvatarEdit

In Kushiel's ScionEdit

In Kushiel's JusticeEdit

In Kushiel's MercyEdit

Phedre and Joscelin want to help Imriel with the challenge laid down by Ysandre--to find his mother Melisande so that he might marry Sidonie. They plan to go accompany him to Cythera--where they believe Melisande to be--once Carthage's emissaries leave Terre d'Ange. Of course, he forgets about this once Carthage's spell takes hold, as he was in the City of Elua during the marvel. He then believes, as does everyone else, that Sidonie is in love with Astegal and has gone to Carthage to marry him.

Joscelin and Phedre take care of Imriel during his month of madness. When the spell protecting Imriel ended, Joscelin and Phedre continued to believe Imriel to be ill, as Imriel claims he was in love with Sidonie, with whom Imriel had previously not been close. They take Imriel to a temple to Eisheth so that he might be healed.

As the country prepares for civil war, Joscelin promisses Ysandre that he will perform the terminus on her rather than be killed by the rebels should it appear they will lose.

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