Phedre begins by discussing the circumstances of her birth. Her father, Pierre Cantrel, was the third son of a wealthy merchant. He visited Jasmine House and took an assignation with an adept named Liliane de Souverain. The two eventually fell in love and decided to marry, for Liliane had made her marque and was thus free to leave her house. The Dowayne of Jasmine House did not approve of the match because it was not clear if their children would fit Jasmine's canon. As a result, they decided to elope.

When Phedre was born, it was clear that she was unfit for the Night Court due to a red mote in her eye. Her father decided to take charge of a caravan to Caerdicca Unitas given to him by his father. Phedre spent her early years traveling between Terre d'Ange and Caerdicca Unitas with her parents. Unfortunately, the venture failed and her parents were left without money. Pierre's father agreed to give them another caravan, but only if they provided a loan of their own first. Desperate for money and pregnant with a second child, Liliane decided to offer Phedre to the Night Court, hoping to take out a loan against her daugher's future profits.  When it was clear Phèdre would be considered unsuitable for service in Jasmine House, Liliane sought an audience with the Dowayne of Cereus House, Miriam Bouscevre. The Dowayne agreed to take Phedre in, but on the condition that Liliane disown her and pretend she never had a daughter.

Characters IntroducedEdit

  • Phèdre nó Delaunay
  • Liliane de Souverain
  • Pierre Cantrel
  • Miriam Bouscevre


Next ChapterEdit

Chapter 2

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