Delaunay contacts Cecile Laveau-Perrin, a former adept of Cereus House and one of the most successful, to train Phèdre and Alcuin.  Phèdre eavesdrops on their conversation regarding the children.  She learns that Delaunay is training them thusly because he is attempting to use them to get into certain doors of government and learn information, though he has not revealed to them what he is about.  Phèdre is intrigued by what she hears and runs to tell Alcuin, but seems most excited about Cecile’s training.  Unlike Phèdre, Alcuin is much more naive about the art of love and much more cautious about practicing it.  Phèdre is eager to learn and to practice.  As Cecile begins their training and knowing that Phèdre is marked by Kushiel’s Dart suggests she practice what she learns using a candle and a mirror so she can better understand.

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