Two years of study pass for Phèdre.  In her sexual frustration she visits Hyacinthe, who plies his trade at the Cockerel, using the dromonde to tell the fortunes of silly peers out having adventure in Night’s Doorstep.  Hyacinthe is unwilling to assuage Phèdre’s frustration, as she is an indentured servant, but seems to have no problem with being a male Tsingano using the ability to see the future, both of which are considered vrajna.

On their way Guy shares his story, of how he was trained as a Cassiline but was cast out for breaking his oath with a farmer’s daughter.  He lost his way because of it and was hired to assassinate Delaunay, but ended up working for him.  Guy’s story is meant as a point to Phèdre that they are both indebted to Delaunay whether they choose it or not, and that she should not seek to betray him.  Curious, Phèdre inquires who hired Guy to kill Delaunay and he reveals it was Isabel L’Envers de la Courcel, the Princess Consort.  This deepens the mystery around Delaunay.

A few weeks later the Allies of Camlach, led by Isidore D’Aiglemort along with Prince Baudoin have a great victory in a minor skirmish with the Skaldi.  The King grants them a royal triumph, to be held on the eve before Alcuin’s sixteenth birthday.  Cecile plans to hold a fête inviting Delaunay’s entire house to the event.

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