Delaunay’s household prepares to attend Cecile’s fête.  Alcuin in particular is carefully dressed as Delaunay plans auction his virginity at the fête.  The fête is held at Cecile’s home, close to the route of the triumph.   Phèdre watches the procession, seeing for the first time King Ganelon and his granddaughter and heir, Ysandre.  During the procession she meets Gonzago de Escobares, the former teacher of Delaunay during his studies in Tiberium.  Phèdre also manages to draw the attention of some of Delaunay’s enemies, Childric d’Essoms and Solaine Belfours.  As the night progresses, Cecile begins the auction for Alcuin, where he draws the unheard of price of six thousand ducats from Vitale Bouvarre.

As Alcuin departs with Bouvarre, Cecile strikes up the music.  Delauney introduces Phèdre to Thelesis de Mornay, the King’s Poet, who declaims the lines about Kushiel’s Dart.  The entire party then knew just who and what Phèdre was.

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