In sharing his first assignation with Phèdre, Alcuin reveals his history with Delaunay and how he entered into Naamah’s service out of love of Delaunay.  He also reveals why it is that Delaunay is interested in Bouvarre and how it ties to the death of Isabel L’Envers de la Courcel.  Phèdre is curious as to what any of this has to do with Delaunay and ruminates on it with Hyacinthe.  He puts together the pieces of what they know about Delaunay and Prince Rolande and the death of Edmée de Rocaille, the prince’s first betrothed and comes up with several theories, none of which seem to give them an answer.

Phèdre notes two occurrences around this time, first was the rare visit of the Cruarch of Alba to Terre D’Ange.  The second was that Cecile convinced Delaunay to allow Phèdre to visit Valerian House to understand the more submissive part of her anguissette nature.

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