Phèdre goes to Valerian House and greeted by the Second of the House, Didier Vascon.  He takes her to visit the house shrine to Kushiel and explains who Kushiel was and why he went with Blessed Elua.  He shows Phèdre all manner of instruments and rooms.  While Phèdre is pleased to see it, she muses that in the end she is happy she went to Delaunay and not to Valerian House, as life there seems dull without Delaunay’s mysteries.

Upon returning she finds Delaunay’s friends in the house all discussing the Cruarch’s visit.  Alcuin notes an overheard conversation regarding the Cruarch’s sister, a black boar, and a silver swan.  No one can make sense of it, though it is noted that Princess Lyonette was eager to take the Cruarch’s wife under her wing.  Most were dismissive of the Cruarch’s heir, Drustan.  They wonder what it is the Cruithne are about, with Delaunay assuming it is trade.  Alcuin is not so sure, as the Master of the Staits allowed for the Alban passage, and he has no interest in trade. 

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