Delaunay finally decides to allow Phèdre to accept assignations.  Before he allows her to take any contract he asks her to settle on a signale, a sign to the patron to stop all play immediately.  Without hesitation she settles on “Hyacinthe”, her best friend.  Delaunay settles on Childric d’Essoms because of his connection to Isabel L’Envers de la Courcel.  While Phèdre is disappointed that her asking price is considerably less than Alcuin’s, Delaunay assures her that her rarity will make her more valuable in the end than her foster brother.  Delaunay instructs her to seek nothing and ask nothing of d’Essoms and to string him along as much as she can and tells her not to let D’Essoms guess at just how educated and skillful she is.

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