On the day Phèdre’s first assignation Delaunay is more nervous that she is, more so than with Alcuin.  Once Phèdre is carefully attired he presents her with a sangoire cloak as a gift.  With warnings to be careful he sends her to D’Essoms in the company of Guy.  Her first assignation is brutal, D’Essoms’ anger with Delaunay means he handles her roughly, but Phèdre enjoys it completely.  D’Essoms finds her splendid, but also suspects she knows Delaunay’s plans and attempts to get them from her, failing to do so, but not without getting every last centime out of the price he paid Delaunay

Characters ReturningEdit


  • City of Elua
    • Delaunay’s Town House
    • Childric D’Essoms Town House

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Chapter 15

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Chapter 17

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