After her assignation, Cecile takes Phèdre to a sanctuary of Naamah to soak in its hot springs, chatting with Phèdre about her first sexual experience.  Cecile worries about Phèdre and the danger that Delaunay puts her in.  For his part Delaunay seemed pleased with her report and informs her that D’Essoms left a patron gift, suitable enough for her to put toward her marque.

A week later, Phèdre meets with the marquist, Robert Tielhard, a master at the trade.  He and Delaunay agree on Phèdre’s marque, a briar rose, dramatic in line, suggesting the bond and lash, with thorns accented by teardrops of scarlet.  For Phèdre, as an anguissette, the process of tattooing is a sweet torture.

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