Phèdre begins a happy period of her life where her world is filled with unexpected assignations.  All manner of patrons are interested in Phèdre because of her proclivities.  One such assignation is with Solaine Belfours.  In the midst of their cruel play, a courier of Princess Lyonette de Trevalion arrives to speak to the marquise.  She learns that Lyonette wants Solaine, to forge documents encouraging the Akkadian ambassador to string along the Khalif.  Solaine asks a steep price for her assistance in Lyonette's conspiracy

Lyonette declines Solaine.  Rumors spread regarding her son and his relationship with Melisande, who clearly does not get along with the equally strong-willed Lyonette.  It is by happenstance that she meets up with Melisande at one of Delaunay’s gatherings, running into the other woman alone in the hall.  When Melisande demands to see Phèdre’s marque, Phèdre complies, allowing the other woman to undress her enough to examine what has been done so far.  Melisande muses about which throws truer, Kushiel’s line or Kushiel’s Dart. 

In the world outside the Skaldi threat seems quelled for the time.  In one of his visits, Gonzago de Escobares warns that he’s heard strange rumors of a leader amongst the Skaldi who might unite the tribes.  Delaunay is skeptical, noting the Skaldi have not been this quiet in recent memory.  When Gonzago insists that there is a certain cunning to the Skaldi now, Delaunay takes note and agrees the situation bears watching.

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  • City of Elua
    • Delaunay’s Town House
    • Pepin Lachet’s House

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