Rumor comes from Alba that the Cruarch was killed by his own son.  The Cruarch's heir, Drustan, fled with his mother and sisters to the land of the Dalriada of Eire.  The King cares enough to set part of Rousse’s fleet in Kusheth to keep an eye on the situation which causes a political fall out with his brother-in-law, Marc de Trevalion, and forms a rift between Delaunay and Gaspar.  These events register lightly for Phèdre who is far too busy with her patrons, most especially Childric d’Essom.

During one assignation with D’Essom, he accidentally injures Phèdre, causing her to nearly faint as he panics.  In his worry he accidentally mentions that his patron is Duc Barquiel L’Envers, the brother of the dead princess consort.  Phèdre hopes to leverage this knowledge into learning more about the web that Delaunay has laid regarding Isabel L’Envers, but Delaunay sidesteps her.

Laid up because of her injury, Phèdre visits with Hyacinthe instead.  While the continue their speculation on Delaunay’s plans, Hyacinthe’s mother again speaks the dromonde, tell them to “Pay heed, do not discount the Cullach Gorrym”.  Phèdre recognizes that “Cullach Gorrym is Cruithne for “black boar”, but doesn’t understand what the message is supposed to mean.  When she returns she relays the information to Delaunay, and Alcuin reminds him of the vision with the black boar and silver swan.  This seems link does have some interest for Delaunay, who sends for Thelesis de Mournay.

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