Phedre relates the story of how she first discovered her love of pain. Brother Louvel, a former Gentian adept who joined Elua's priesthood, instructs the fosterlings of Cereus House on religion. He relates the story of Blessed Elua cutting his palm with Cassiel's dagger. Phedre is fascinated by this story and decides to poke her own finger with a pin. She stares at the drop of blood on her fingertip in fascination before being taken before the Dowayne. The Dowayne initially wants to send for the Dowayne of Valerian House, but changes her mind and sends for Anafiel Delaunay instead.

Characters ReturningEdit

  • Phedre no Delaunay
  • Miriam Bouscevre

Characters IntroducedEdit

  • Brother Louvel
  • Fosterlings at Cereus House: Etienne, Ellyn, Juliette


Previous ChapterEdit

Chapter 1

Next ChapterEdit

Chapter 3

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