Melisande Shahrizai throws a party for Prince Baudoin at Cereus House and invites Delaunay and his household to the event.  Delaunay warns both Alcuin and Phèdre that they are to keep their eyes and ears open at the event.

Delaunay presents his household to the Prince, who is amused that Delaunay would bring his well known whores to a pleasure house.  His men show interest in Phèdre, which angers Delaunay who reminds the Prince that they are there as guests, not as hired playthings.  Baudoin calls off his men, but is intrigued by Phèdre and orders that Delaunay and his guests mingle.

Phèdre wanders the party, trying to watch and listen.  She overhears a conversation between Alcuin and Bouvarre, the latter wondering why Alcuin has not paid attention to him.  Alcuin agrees only if Bouvarre will pay the full price of his marque and answer the question Delaunay has put to him.  Bouvarre becomes circumspect and wishes to think on it before agreeing.

Phèdre feels out of sorts.  She wanders out to the garden where Melisande finds her.  Her attraction to the woman flairs as Melisande kisses her and declares she would be a perfect “farewell” gift for the prince.

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