Melisande invites Delaunay over to discuss hiring Phèdre for Baudoin.  Phèdre argues that this is the only viable route left to them regarding Lyonette’s actions, but Delaunay is hesitant, especially because Melisande is involved.  He realizes she is playing a subtle game of her own and does not know if they are at cross-purposes.  He admits to having once been her lover, but does not look to her friendship for protection.

Delaunay makes the contract, and Phèdre is excited by the prospect.  The assignation is at Melisande’s town house where she is welcomed as a guest.  After the Baudoin and Melisande dine, the prince takes Phèdre at the dining room table, pressed on by Melisande.  While the situation is humiliating it is also pleasurable for Phèdre.  While in Melisande’s pleasure room she is eventually left hanging, literally, while Baudoin busies himself with Melisande.

The next morning Phèdre awakes, unsure of how she reached a bed.  Melisande gifts her with the cloth-of-gold dress that she had Phèdre wear and a generous purse.  Phèdre asks her what she meant by a “farewell” gift, and Melisande tells her that she will explain if Phèdre tells her what she knows of Waldemar Selig.  Phèdre remains silent and Melisande, laughing, promises they will meet again.

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