Delaunay is troubled by Melisande knowing the name of Waldemar Selig and Phèdre surmisses that whatever Melisande is up to she wants an audience and Delaunay to know that she is the architect of it.  Within a week her plan appears to be revealed as Gaspar Trevalion rides to the house with the news that Isidore d’Aiglemort has accused House Trevalion of high treason.  His friend in a panic, Delaunay moves to protect Gaspar and invites him inside to explain what he knows.

Gaspar’s story reveals that Isidore d'Aiglemort uncovered a plot between Princess Lyonette and Foclaidha, the mother of the usurping Cruarch of Alba, to mutually aid each other in setting up their sons on the throne.  Lyonette’s aim was to have Foclaidha send troops to supplement Baudoin in a bid to usurp the throne.  When Delaunay asks Gaspar how D’Aiglemort got the letters, he reveals they came from Melisande Shahrazai.

Parliament is convened and House Trevalion is put under arrest, save for Gaspar.  When they arrived the trial began.  Lyonette is unrepentant in her pride.  She denies nothing, mocking her brother and the Dauphine, who she call’s a “murderess's get”.  She proclaims she was doing what she saw fit to secure the throne for the D’Angeline people.  She claims that her family knew nothing and that the actions were hers alone.  The Parliament declares death for her.

The trial continues with her husband, Marc, who admits to knowing and not stopping his wife and son.  It is Ysandre who demands that he be banished rather than put to death.  Marc pleads for Bernadette, his daughter, who is also granted banishment for the same reason.  Baudoin is the last and he declares himself innocent before the court.  To his surprise D’Aiglemort and Melisande bring evidence against him.  The court gives him the death sentence.  Gaspar is cleared of any wrongdoing by Delaunay’s testimony.

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  • City of Elua
    • The Palace

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