In the wake of the deaths of Lyonette, but particularly Baudoin, the City of Elua and Phèdre are somber.  Phèdre and Hyacinthe decide to go to the Temples of Azza and Elua to make an offering in Baudoin’s name.  On their way back they run across the Shahrizai clan and Phèdre sees Melisande amongst them.  She stops and calls for Phèdre to join them, but Hyacinthe stands between them.  When Melisande and her cousins mock him, the dromonde comes upon him and he tells Melisande “That which yields, is not always weak.  Chose your victories wisely.”  Melisande pays attention to his words, but moves on, telling Phèdre she will mourn Baudoin in her own way.  Guy comes to collect Phèdre home.

In a temper, Phèdre happens upon Alcuin in the library with an offer from Vitale Bouvarre.  Alcuin suspects something but does not know what.  He discovers Phèdre knows about how he feels regarding Bouvarre and begs her not to tell Delaunay so that he might go on this last assignation and be done with it.  Though Phèdre is chaffing at her own bonds tying her to Delaunay, she agrees not to say anything.

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