Guy informs Delaunay that Phèdre and Alcuin both need to learn how to sit a horse properly.  Delaunay arranges for his household to spend several days in Perrinwolde, the country estate owned by Cecile Leveau-Perrin.  Phèdre enjoys her time in the country.  She and Alcuin painfully learn how to ride and are tested in a hunt on the estate. 

When they return from the estate, Alcuin goes on his assignation.  Later, well into the late hours, Alcuin returns, injured from an attack on his coach as he returned home.  Guy stayed behind to hold off the attack.  Delaunay rushes to assist their guard while Phèdre calls for a doctor for Alcuin.  Though he is bleeding, his wound is not life threatening and after he is attended to Delaunay returns with Guy’s body, realizing now the deal that Alcuin made.  Alcuin is crushed at Guy’s death, but he gives Delaunay the answer to his question, the names of Thérèse and Dominic Stregazza, the daughter and son-in-law of Prince Benedicte de la Courcel, the King’s brother.

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