Delaunay is wracked with concern and guilt over Alcuin, but Alcuin does not wish to see him.  Phèdre finally gets the story of Guy’s fate out of Delaunay.  Vitale Bouvarre flees the city for La Serenissima, and Delaunay declares that there will be no further assignations until Bouvarre is brought to justice, worried that his charges are now being made targets.  Phèdre explains that Alcuin demanded the price of his marquee from Bouvarre, so that he could be free.  Delaunay is puzzled by this until Phèdre explains that the only reason Alcuin became a Servant of Naamah was out of love for Delaunay, to clear the blood debt between them.

Alcuin is still stubborn about seeing Delaunay, despite Phèdre’s gentle insistence.  She coaxes him into discussing the information on the Stregazza and the two muse as to why they would be involved in a plot to kill Isabel L’Envers and why Delaunay would care.  Just as Phèdre creates an implausible situation regarding Delaunday’s involvement, Alcuin realizes that she’s played him to get him to speak to Delaunay.

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