Despite his hesitation, Delaunay allows Phedre to keep her assignation with Rogier Clavel, a lord in the service of Barquiel L’Envers in Khebbel-im-Akkad.  Having been kept from women during his time abroad he is eager for Phèdre’s services and is so impressed with her that she plays the opportunity to put hint at the idea that Delaunay might be willing to put old differences aside with L’Envers and attempt to breach the divide.  Clavel considers and decides to make mention of it if Phèdre agrees to see him again.  She departs with a considerable purse to put towards her marque.

Phèdre returns and shares with Delaunay the tidbits she gathered in her assignation, including the fact that L’Envers has arranged a marriage between his daughter and the Khalif's son. This creates an alliance between Ysandre and the Khalif by marriage.  Now L’Envers is petitioning the king for a return to Terre d’Ange.  Delaunay is curious to see if that will happen.

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