Phèdre goes immediately to see D’Essoms, Joscelin in tow.  Phèdre gets an audience with her patron and seeks from him a boon to arrange a meeting with L’Envers.  D’Essoms is angry that he has been played false by Phèdre, but when he attempts to threaten her Joscelin handles his men-at-arms and forces D’Essoms to stand down.  When things have calmed he listens to Delaunay offers the information on Isabel L’Enver’s murderers.  D’Essoms agrees.

Joscelin is horrified by both the encounter and Phèdre’s reaction to D’Essoms veiled threats.  She impatiently drags him away from making a scene but runs into Melisande.  For her part, Melisande is surprised at Delaunay hiring Joscelin and is truly amused, much to Joscelin’s anger. 

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