Once they return home, Joscelin offers up his sword to Delaunay, shamed that he allowed harm to come to Phèdre.  Phèdre for her part, as well as Delaunay, are surprised and confused by the gesture, and it comes out that Joscelin has never served before, only having tried his skills on the practice field.  Delaunay reassures him that he did just fine and that Phèdre has suffered worse.  Phèdre informs her lord that D’Essoms will seek the meeting, but states there will be no further assignations until he’s met with L’Envers.

Alcuin is intrigued by Joscelin and begins to train with him.  Delaunay believes Alcuin would have been better suited as a Cassiline than a Servant of Naamah, and Phèdre points out he would have failed at that as well as he loves Delaunay.  Delaunay is shocked by this, that either of his students would see him as anything but a father, but Phèdre only laughs at how he has been blind to Alcuin’s feelings.

Sorrowful and bored, Phèdre escapes from Delaunay’s house and goes to Night’s Doorstep, finding Hyacinthe at the Cockerel.  Thrilled to see her after so long she fills him in on the news of what has been happening, including what Delaunay has been up to.  While dancing a commotion from the street catches their attention, and they both go out to see Joscelin in the middle of the street being teased by Eglantine House tumblers and drunken lords and ladies.  Phèdre throws herself into the fray, more to save Joscelin than anything else, and when it breaks up he tersely orders into the carriage.  When she arrives home, Delaunay mentions that L’Envers has agreed and tells her if she disobeys again he will sell her marque.

Characters ReturningEdit


  • City of Elua
    • Delaunay’s Town House
    • Night’s Doorstep
      • The Cockerel

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