The day has come for Delaunay to meet with Barquiel L'Envers, but the agreement has terms: Phedre & Alcuin must come as well & there will be an escort of L'Envers men-at-arms. Delaunay reluctantly agrees & they leave for the L'Envers country estate located just outside the City of Elua. Joscelin accompanies them as well.

After arriving at the estate, they are taken to the receiving room. Barquiel enters & demands to know why he should forgive Delaunay for what he said about Isabel. They discuss Edmee de Rocaille, Isabel, & Delaunay's vow. Alcuin reveals the identity of Isabel's murderers. Barquiel & Delaunay come to an agreement & Barquiel implies that he's going to go after the Stregazza. He dismisses Phedre, Alcuin, & Joscelin so he & Delaunay can talk privately & sends them to the kitchen for a meal. While there, Joscelin speculates loudly about Delaunay's identity & Phedre & Alcuin tell him to be quiet.

Characters ReturningEdit

  • Phedre no Delaunay
  • Alcuin no Delaunay
  • Anafiel Delaunay
  • Joscelin Verreuil

Characters IntroducedEdit

  • Barquiel L'Envers


  • City of Elua
    • Delaunay's Townhouse
  • L'Envers Country Estate

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