Phèdre chaffes at the fact that Alcuin is free, while she who has never been free in her entire life cannot take assignations by which to gain her freedom.  She is even more hurt when Alcuin presents his marque to Delaunay and reveals to their master his true feelings.  When Delaunay does not turn him away, Phèdre is crushed.  

News arrives from La Serenissima.  Bouvarre was taken into custody by Prince Benedicte but was later found hanging in his cell before a confession was obtained.  The prince, realizing the truth, sent for his son-in-law, but Dominic was waylaid by L’Envers men before reaching his father-in-law and was killed.  Gaspar Trevalion mentions that the Serenissimians are concerned about a new, Skaldi warlord, and doubts that they will press the D’Angelines on the matter. 

Now that matters were settled, Phèdre bluntly confronts Delaunay for an assignation.  She asks for D’Essoms, which worries Delaunay but she is in no mood for his tenderness.  D’Essoms is predictably rough, which suits Phèdre’s.  Joscelin is concerned when she comes to meet him afterwards, scooping her up and carrying her off.

Characters ReturningEdit


  • City of Elua
    • Delaunay’s Town House
    • Master Tielhard’s Marquist Shop
    • Childric D’Essoms Town House

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