Thelesis de Mornay asks Phèdre to come to see a play about Naamah, written by a friend of hers.  Thelesis takes Phèdre backstage to meet the actors and playwright.  To the delight of the company, the King’s Minister of Culture invites them all to perform the play for the King in five days time.  In celebration the troupe goes to a favored tavern, taking Thelesis and Phèdre with them.  When talk turns to politics, Phèdre listens.  There is rumor that D’Aiglemort bid for the Dauphine’s hand, and it comes out that Ganelon has declined every suitor for Ysandre’s hand and gives no reason.

Delaunay is invited to the performance for the King, the same day Phèdre takes an assignation with Rogier Clavel at the Palace.  Curious as to what her lord is up to, Phèdre convinces Clavel to send Joscelin away to get the carriage while she sneaks out to watch Delaunay.  On her way she runs into Isidore d’Aiglemort and overhears him complaining about the King’s rejection of his suit.  When he notices Phèdre he recognizes her from the Midwinter Masque some ten years before.

Phèdre, though lost, finds her way to the theater.  She spies Delaunay leaving.  She hides in the players quarters and sees Delaunay’s meeting with Ysandre de la Courcel.  Ysandre questions him about an oath sworn and when Ysandre asks what news he has he admits he is waiting on word from Quintilius Rousse.  Ysandre asks for Delaunay’s council.  He follows her through a secret passage out of the players room.  Phèdre sneaks back to Clavel’s room to deal with an enraged Joscelin.  Before he can yell at her, she tells him to be quiet in order to protect House Courcel.  Joscelin is no less upset but now he is curious as to her meaning.

Characters ReturningEdit

Characters IntroducedEdit

  • Japheth nó Eglantine-Vardennes


  • City of Elua
    • Delaunay’s Town House
    • The Mask and Lute
    • The Palace

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Chapter 31

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Chapter 33

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