Politics in Terre d’Ange are tenuous.  The Skaldi were raiding again and there were whispers of a Waldemar Selig.  Rumors abound and it appears the Caerdicci are unity to form an alliance against the strengthening Skaldi.  In the meantime, the King sent his Azzallese fleet against Alba and the usurper Maelcon for conspiring with his sister.  He gave her families holdings to the Comte de Somerville, who had his son guide the fleet to Alba.  When they could not make the island, Ghislain returned.  Phèdre notices Alcuin working on texts regarding the Master of the Straits and wonders at the connections.  While things appear stable on the surface in D’Angeline politics, but with an ailing king and a duchy unstable since the fall of House Trevalion even Phèdre realizes there are troubling things under the surface.

In the meantime, Phèdre is fretting over her assignation and is reassured that Melisande has everything under control.  Delaunay does not seem worried, though he does ask her to pay some heed to what is going on.  She and Joscelin make their way to Melisande’s home, where Joscelin is allowed to keep vigil to Elua in Melisande’s garden.  Melisande invites Phèdre in, having her servants attend her.  Melisande’s costume for Phèdre that evening is a sheer gown, spangled in diamonds, one that leaves her naked in front of all the Kushline peers.  Embarrassed by the idea, Phèdre also does not protest, allowing herself to be attired thus, as Melisande recreates an old, Kusheline legend in their costumes.

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  • City of Elua
    • Delaunay’s Town House
    • Melisande’s Town House

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