Melisande arrives at the Duc de Morhban’s fête with Phèdre on her velvet lead, clad in nothing but diamonds and sheer fabric.  Humiliated but aroused to be paraded thusly before nobles, Phèdre is consumed with Melisande’s presence the entire night.  When they return to her town home Melisande makes good on years of desire between the two of them and spends the night with Phèdre, masterfully playing to her deepest desires.  Afterwards, Melisande reveals that while she and Delaunay were well matched enough to marry, his heart always belonged to Prince Rolande.  This is a revelation to Phèdre who had never heard Delaunay had been in love with Ysandre’s father.  Melisande asks Phèdre what Delaunay is up to and accidentally reveals he is waiting for word from Quintilius Rousse.  Melisande doesn’t seem to be interested.

The next morning, Phèdre wakes in her guest room, her clothes waiting for her.  She joins Joscelin in the dining hall, and he is relieved to see her in one piece.  Melisande entrusts Phèdre’s patron gift to Joscelin and leave Phèdre with the velvet collar and diamond pendent from her costume as well as the remains of the gauze gown studded with diamonds.

Characters ReturningEdit

Characters Introduced

  • Quincel de Morhban


  • City of Elua
    • Melisande's Town Home
    • De Morhban's Town Home

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