Phèdre returns home, realizing she now has enough to make her marque and become a free woman.  Remembering what Melisande said about Delaunay keeping a copy of his poetry in his own coffer, she goes downstairs to see if she can find it.  She retrieves his book, reading it, realizing that what Melisande said was true.  Alcuin finds her, and though disappointed, helps her put the book back.  Phèdre realizes then that Delaunay was the Prince’s beloved.  But she does not understand how this ties into the situation with House Courcel, who still supports him, and the mystery of Isabel L’Envers.

Phèdre chooses not to tell Delaunay about knowing abut Prince Rolande and the book.  She asks Delaunay if she might stay in his household once she completes her marque and he is delighted that she wishes to, having feared she would leave him.  He arranges for her gemstones to be appraised.

Phèdre at last gets to visit Hyacinthe in Night’s Doorstep.  Since she last saw him he has created a livery service and is making quite a living for himself.  She shares with him the story of Delaunay and Prince Rolande.  Hyacinthe wonders what she will do with Melisande’s diamond and her own future, indicating he hopes it is with him.

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