Phèdre at long last makes an appointment with Master Tielhard to finish her marque.  While there, a messenger from Quintilius Rousse arrives with the long awaited word for Delaunay.  He notes that Delaunay’s house is being watched, hence why he finds Phèdre, because he fears for his life.  It is Joscelin who realizes what this means.  With message in hand he and Phèdre rush back to the town house to find a scene of horror.  All of Delaunay’s household are dead, including Delaunay.  Alcuin is dying.  As Phèdre holds him he tells her that Delaunay swore Cassiel’s oath to protect Ysandre and that she needs to get the message to Ysandre.  He dies in her arms.

It is Joscelin who pulls Phèdre away, urging her to do what Alcuin asked of her before the murderers return for them.  Phèdre agrees to go to the Palace to see Thelesis de Mornay, who she knows can be trusted and will see her.

Characters ReturningEdit

Characters IntroducedEdit

  • Aelric Leithe-Rousse’s messenger


  • City of Elua
    • Delaunay’s Town House
    • Master Tielhard’s Marquist Shop

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Chapter 36

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Chapter 38

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