Phèdre begins her education at Cereus House.  Because Delaunay is a scholar, she is given what is considered to be proper instruction in reading and elocution as well as the rudiments of Caerdicci.  Outside of Phèdre’s world, politics keeps turning in Terre D'Ange, including the death of Isabel L’Envers de la Courcel, the mother of Ysandre the Dauphine.  Phèdre feels sorry for the princess, however, she is preoccupied with the gossip of Cereus house and running through Night's Doorstep with Hyacinthe.

Phèdre escapes often to have fun with her one, true friend.  Inevitably the Dowayne sends the guard to fetch her back.  After the third such transgression the Dowayne orders her punished, whipped for her disobedience.  This is Phèdre’s first real experience with both the pleasure and the humiliation of Kushiel’s mark on her.

Characters Returning

  • Phèdre nó Delaunay

  • Miriam Bouscevre

  • Hyacinthe


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Chapter 3

Next ChapterEdit

Chapter 5

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