Now in the hands of the Skaldi.  Joscelin attempts to fight.  Phèdre, who speaks Skaldic, attempts a more diplomatic approach, recognizing they are slaves.  Joscelin is crushed, he feels he’s failed his oath and Phèdre.  He tries to convince her to get his sword so he can fight his way out, but Phèdre fears this is foolish and refuses and earns Joscelin’s enmity.

They are the property of Gunter Arnlaugson, and he takes the pair of them to his steading.  Joscelin’s pride causes Gunter to leave him with the hounds.  Phèdre he takes, claiming he plans to bed her.  He is chastized by a woman named Hedwig, who immediately tries to comfort Phèdre, feeding her and seeing that she gets sleep and rest.

Characters ReturningEdit

Characters IntroducedEdit

  • Gunter Arnlaugson
  • Hedwig


Prevous ChapterEdit

Chapter 39

Next ChapterEdit

Chapter 41

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