Phèdre begins her period of slavery in Gunter’s steading.  Hedwig is kind and considerate, if bemused by Phèdre’s inability to do hard labor.  She learns much about the Skaldi culture and of the steading.  She is Gunter’s property, and he treats her as such, demanding of her all her sexual skills.  Phèdre despairs at this, but for the first time comes to understand Naamah’s plight and why she offered herself.  Phèdre does so to protect Joscelin and to complete Delaunay’s oath to Ysandre.  In her grief, Phèdre sings Thelesis de Mornay’s The Exile’s Lament to the Skaldi in their language, who understand it somewhat.  But Gunter takes her to his bed again, and she hears the murmurs that he should gift her to Waldemar Selig as she is something the great leader doesn’t have. 

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