Phèdre tries to get permission to see Joscelin, but Gunter won’t allow it.  Instead she learns Skaldi hearth songs and sings that night by the fire once again.  For this next several days this goes on until Phèdre convinces Gunter to relent and allow her to see Joscelin.  When she does get to see him, she’s shocked at his appearance and he’s not pleased to see her, calling her a traitor.  Phèdre has no patience for his pride.  She tells him what she has learned about D'Aiglemort paying Skaldi to attack so he can build up his forces in an effort to take the throne.  She wants Joscelin to escape and take that message to Ysandre.  But he refuses to abandon her.  Phèdre tells him that if he is to serve her he is to be a good slave for Gunter, to prove himself useful so that Gunter will gift Joscelin as well to Waldemar Selig, so they are not separated.  And he will learn Skaldi so he can communicate. 

Gunter allows Phèdre to train Joscelin, hoping to get something of value out of him.  Phèdre convinces the women to help her take care of Joscelin.  When Gunter is satisfied that Joscelin will behave he agrees to have him help with the household chores. 

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