Gunter frees Joscelin who begins his work around the steading, attracting the attention of the young women who find him beautiful.  In particular one woman, Ailsa, tries to catch Joscelin’s eye unaware of his vows of celibacy as a Cassiline.  In the meantime, Gunter decides that he wants to be trained in the art of lovemaking by Phèdre.  She agrees to share with him some of the skills she’s learned over the years.

Life falls into a predictable pattern for the two until the next time Gunter decided to raid.  Phèdre realizes that they are going against D’Angelines that D’Aiglemort is sending to die in order to raise the awareness of the Skaldi threat.  He lays the blame at the feet of King Ganelon who is too old and powerless and refuses to send him troops, unaware that D’Aiglemort is paying the Skaldi to attack.  Phèdre also knows that D’Aiglemort doesn’t know about Waldemar Selig and would be totally unprepared for a full scale attack by the Skaldi, unaware that his attempts to build his own powerbase would be overrun by Selig’s ambition.

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  • Ailsa


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Chapter 42

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Chapter 44

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