Things in the steading return to normal after the raid, though neither Joscelin nor Phèdre allows themselves to become too comfortable.  Phèdre listens to the growing tales regarding Waldemar Selig, though she is wise enough to tell the truth from the fiction.  Meanwhile, the young women, particularly Ailsa, are distracted by Joscelin, and this causes complaints amongst some of Gunter’s thanes.  This earns the ire of Evrard Sharptongue, who challenges Joscelin to the homgang, a ritual fight-to-the-death.  In the fight Joscelin handily defeats Evrard, who faces death rather than shame.  It is the first time Joscelin kills a man.  Gunter is pleased with Joscelin’s abilities and decides to take a chance and have Joscelin replace Evrard.  The Skaldi are pleased with the battle and begin to celebrate it.

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  • Evrard Sharptongue


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Chapter 45

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