Gunter and his men take Phèdre and Joscelin to the Great Hall to await an audience with Waldemar Selig.  They are presented as gifts to the warleader, who seems to recognize something of the nicieties Phèdre imparts as well as the mote in her eye.  Gunter’s imparting of Phèdre to Selig is an unspoken acknowledgement of Selig as a ruler.  Selig is thoughtful in his acceptance of the gift.  He is not sure if Phèdre is a D’Angeline trap or not.  In the end he accepts them both.

Phèdre realizes they are amongst the enemy.  That night there is a banquet, and while others ate and drank, Selig remains sober, watching Phèdre and her manners and is mindful of them.  Phèdre realizes he is interested in their customs and the trappings of a civilized king.  Phèdre also realizes that Selig is a clever leader and that makes him dangerous.  He challenges Gunter to a feet of arm wrestling and wins Melisande’s diamond off of the thane.  Selig gifts it back to Phèdre, who isn’t as happy to take back Melisande’s collar as he would think.  Selig’s regifting of her own diamond stands as a symbol for Selig to his thanes of what he plans for their future, to have Terre D’Ange kneeling before them, accepting from the Skaldi what is theirs by right.

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  • Waldemar Selig


  • Skaldia
    • Allthing
    • Selig’s Steading

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