The Allthing meets on the following day, led by Selig.  Joscelin and Phèdre are herded into a room where they could hear nothing of what was happening.  Phèdre knows they are planning something, and knows they need to escape and get to Ysandre to warn her.  She convinces Joscelin to hoist her up so she can climb in the rafters to spy on the meeting.  She hears Selig speak to how the Skaldi are ignored, despite their fierceness, and how no one takes them seriously.  Suddenly all the threads of rumors that Phèdre has heard over the years regarding the Skaldi make sense.

Selig knows that King Ganelon is weak.  He has an offer from D’Aiglemort, who wishes to enlist the Skaldi in assisting him to take the throne.  Selig however is not content with just a piece of Terre d’Ange.  He proposes to use D’Aiglemort’s offer as a way to break into Terre d’Ange and conquer it outright, sending enough troops through Camlach to appease D’Aiglemort, and sending the rest through the north to hide their numbers.  He proposes to wait til after winter so that they will have a tactical advantage.

Phèdre returns to Joscelin, telling him Selig’s plan.  Joscelin vows to break them out so they can return and warn them of Selig’s plan.  Phèdre is sickened because she knows that she was the tool Melisande used to enact this, and she knows that her nature means that she will be used as a symbol by Selig to show how soft and yielding D’Angelines can be.

Characters ReturningEdit

  • Phèdre nó Delaunay
  • Joscelin Verreuil
  • Waldemar Selig


  • Skaldia
    • Allthing
    • Selig’s Steading

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